Being special means being separate.

It means that you are better than.

But what if you are actually the same?

The same as the trees, as the wind. As the homeless man on The Street or the executive on Wall Street. What if you are no better or worse than any of theme, but exactly the same?

Just a different facet of the same diamond.

Being special does not mean you are more deserving of anything. Just as a star does not say, “I deserve a place in the universe.”

It is understood.

Everyone has a place in the universe, and we are all made up of the same stuff as stars.

I am just a person.

I am not special.

Every person

is just God in another form.



Rei Chou

Artist, Healer, and Facilitator of transformative ventures. I help people live their aliveness and connect with themselves, each other + something greater